iFlora® Multi-Probiotic®

iFlora® Multi-Probiotic®


iFlora® Multi-Probiotic®

  • Supports digestive and immune system health*
  • Helps maintain regularity*
  • May help relieve common digestive problems*
  • Advanced formula with 16 active probiotic strains*

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Advanced Probiotic for Digestive Support

With 16 active probiotic strains plus scFOS® prebiotic fiber in each vegetarian capsule, iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® gives advanced support to address the most pressing concerns commonly experienced, while also promoting the health of their immune system.*

For digestive health and comfort, iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® includes a combination of probiotic strains unique to Sedona Pro. You get high-adhering strains to stick to the intestinal wall, immune-modulating strains to support immune system health and strains to support colon health and proper elimination. The result is an advanced probiotic solution that addresses common digestive problems like constipation, irregular bowel movements, and abdominal discomfort.*

iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® requires no refrigeration. The formula is shelf stable due to a patented cellular matrix stabilization process applied to strains. Tailor the dosage for health needs. For daily maintenance 20-40 billion CFU is recommended.*

scFOS® is a registered trademark of Corn Products Development, Inc.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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